Monday, September 20, 2010

That's a Baby Gift?!

Yep, it is!!  I decided to make a little wall decor. for my neighbors' playroom wall instead of doing the traditional type of baby gift.  They have 3 little boys now including their new baby boy, and the room has lovely blue/green curtains.  I just happened to have this frog fabric, and some green too, sitting here.  So......

It was super easy to make!  I just cut out the triangles with pinking shears.  I used some Maxi Piping I had laying around (see pic below), with ric-rac sewn onto it for the "rope" to hang the flags on.  After laying out the flags on the piping to make sure I had enough room not only for the flags, but also for some little bows at each end, I sewed the ric-rac onto the piping.  Then I sewed the flags on and tied the bows!  That's it!

You can use seam binding, or just clothesline for the "rope".  You could hotglue ric-rac onto it, and hotglue the flags on, and then it becomes a no-sew project.

And Sonnet got busy with the extra frog fabric and made these wonderful little beanbags for the 3 boys!  She, at age 8, is becoming a regular little seamstress!!

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