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Being in the 100 Days to Christmas now, I thought I'd blog my own Master Christmas List, or Planner that I keep on my computer.  Feel free to print it off. Some of the formatting got messed up from my original, but it's readable.  For anyone wanting a cleaner copy, I'd be glad to email a copy of my document if you desire.

Mom's Christmas Memory Book!
 Here are pictures of Mom's Christmas Memory Book and Shasta's Recipe File, as mentioned in my planner.

Inside the front cover
Inside back cover

Shasta's Recipe File
Inside tabs of Shasta's file


There should never be a time when we consider putting God “on hold”. Real vitality and productivity come only from Him, and without Him, all is confusion and loss. He should be praised every day, no differently now than always. We don’t ask Him to bless our activities, but to bless, express, and satisfy Himself in us….and thereby we are blessed! 

In order not to “re-invent the wheel” each year, it makes sense to take time to set up a system for Christmas. It can be changed or added to each year. Good planning is a godly principle. 


1.  Make a Christmas Planning Notebook or Binder. See for info on how, or do a google search. Use for pre-printed lists, or make my own. Martha Stewart may have stuff too. Here is a summary of what I currently keep in mine:

  • Ideas pages for decorating, gifts and crafts.
  • Recipes
  • Pages for memories of years past (Mom’s Christmas Memory Book). This includes old Christmas letters I’ve sent out, pictures, recipes I want to archive, past year’s planning pages, Christmas stories of ours, and stories from magazines.
  • Calendar.
  • Other things that could be included: table of contents, budget page, party planner, including day-of-party-timeline, received gifts list, thank you note check list, Christmas plays, magazine clippings, New Year’s stuff
  • Lists:  
    • gift ideas to make or buy this year- my own wish list (so people know what to get me!)
    • people to buy or make gifts for, what gift, whether I have it, or still need it, and whether wrapped.
    • stocking stuffers
    • people to send cards to
    • cookies/baking (recipes, mixes or dough made) (use Shasta’s recipe file)
    • holiday dinners (recipes, menu) (Shasta’s recipe file)
    • sewing/craft projects
    • people who will receive small gifts or goodies
    • activities I want to put on calendar

2.  Write up a Christmas letter in email to send out, with downloaded pics. Print copies of it off for people who don’t use email and send them cards for sure. Or do cards for all.

3.  Buy Christmas stamps if sending cards.

4.  Keep working on sewing and craft projects. Designate time each day if possible. Put on beautiful music, light candles….make it a wonderful time!

5.  Decide on what cookies and candies to make and pull recipes now. Many types of cookies and/or dough freeze well. Mix up the dough several weeks ahead and freeze. For cookies that have dough I can’t freeze, measure all the dry ingredients and put them in a plastic bag in freezer (can be done several months early)! Label bag. Keep a list in my Christmas Planning notebook of what I’ve done, and how much.

6.  Put Christmas themed paper plates, cups, and plastic wrap on shopping list if needed.

7.  Get out Christmas music

8.  Make or buy Christmas ornaments for kids and Mom.

9.  List people who I would like to give small gifts, goodies, or just something extra to. Plan what I’d like to give them and get or do it.

10.  Get any special outfits ready to wear, for parties or other events. Check on what Bobby and Sonnet have, and buy something if needed.

11.  Set up wrapping station. Wrap gifts that I already have. Tape on notes with name and item. Don’t use sticky notes. They will fall off! If you are afraid people will see the notes, tape notes on upsidedown. Tell them not to look!!!

12.  Keep my list going (in My Documents, for privacy!) of what I have bought, what is wrapped, what is still needed. Keep a list of stocking stuffers. Never buy, or wrap a gift without writing it down on the list at once.


1.  Put up outside decorations.

2.  Put up lights, outside and in.

3.  Get out advent calendar.

4.  Keep wrapping gifts as I go, and labelling.


1.  Find out where Santa will be around town! Bring camera.

2.  Decide on menus for holiday dinners and get out recipes. Put needed things on grocery list.

3.  Keep wrapping presents as I get them!.

4.  Bake some goodies!

5.  Decorate the house!

6.  Do Christmas crafts

7.  Make gingerbread house

8.  Sing/play Christmas carols, watch movies, read stories


1.  Early in this week, buy the tree and decorate.

2.  Bake some more goodies!

3.  Do more Christmas crafts!

4.  More Christmas carols, movies and stories!

5.  Make sure house is cleaned and beds ready for guests.


1.  Keep having fun!

2.  Finish up gifts, baking, and everything.

3.  Deliver goodies to neighbors and friends.

4.  Drive around and look at Christmas lights.

5.  Set out a tray full of hot chocolate, tea, marshmallows, candy canes, cups, etc.



1.  Get out New Year’s stuff.

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