Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

This blog is about creativity in every day life, and that includes thoughts about the Source of all creativity, our Lord Jesus Christ.  Here's what I have been thinking this morning:  I have been questioning, of late, what I really EXPECT Jesus to do. I've realized that my expectations have been far too low! He is ready and willing to express Himself in miraculous ways in every unpleasant circumstance, in every difficult relationship, in each repugnant or humiliating thing we bear. So often, I give in to anger or self pity, and quench the Holy Spirit immediately. The moment I choose to obey LOVE, He jumps to the forefront and acts!!! This is the very thing He longs to do for us all our days and the reason we are still here on earth.........that He may express Himself through us, and we may be known by our love...........which is His Love! This will not happen if I am merely obeying rules, or even Scriptures. I must not make Jesus less than He is. Obeying anything but the Person of Pure Love is missing the mark, and will lead to frustration, failure and a constant feeling of being overwhelmed........or WORSE: becoming a self-righteous prig. Obeying LOVE makes us "useful" every moment of our lives, especially in the most difficult moments.