Friday, August 13, 2010

Photo Editing and Repurposing a Pillowcase into a Purse

***update***  Photo Pos Pro quit on me.  Too complicated to explain.....but I found Picasa!!!  It can do almost everything Photo Pos Pro can do, and is actually MUCH easier to organize stuff with.  I absolutely LOVE it, and can't recommend it enough!

It took a lot longer than I had intended, but I've finally found a free photo editor that I like:  Photo Pos Pro!  And have played around with it a bit.  Here are 2 examples of some things it can do:

This is the "before" image (of my daughter, Sonnet!)

....and this is the altered image!

Note the black background, color corrections, sharpened image, cropping, and cute color frame.

Before (of our cat, Marvin, poor thing!)

After image

Note the same things done as in Sonnet's pic, but also my daughter Summer (who is holding the cat) had a blue watch on in the 1st pic, but it isn't there in the 2nd! 

I'm not very good at using all the stuff in this program yet, but like everything worthwhile, it will take time.  I learned how to do the things in these picture modifications by just clicking on icons, and occasionally going to the help files that are very well written.  You can do the same! 

If you want to download this great photo editing program (Photo-Pos-Pro), it is available here:

This is actually cnet's website, and they give it a great review!

This is one more step toward my being able to comfortably and effectively use my camera to augment this blog! 

Here is an old project I did, which I just created without a pattern, and could not re-create now if you paid me (well, ok, maybe if you paid me ENOUGH, lol!).  To begin with, it was a garage sale find:  2 quilted pillowcases and a matching quilted bedspread.  My 2nd daughter, Summer, used them for years, but they finally began to tear apart a little.  So.........I did something else with one of the pillowcases!

Here's a pic of the original pillowcase:

Now here's my lovely Sonnet, with her brand new purse!!


It is fully lined with some blue fabric I had laying around.

(By the way, there was some trash on the seat beside Sonnet that I didn't see when I took the pic, and I used my new photo editor to paint over it!  ;)  )


This purse was lots of fun to make, and Sonnet loves it!  You can re-purpose old fabrics too.  Either make up your own pattern, or if you don't like the thought of that, there are free patterns for purses and many other things to be found on the web.  I've seen some really cute ones, both for free, and for sale on different sites.